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What is taiji re-revisited

The levels of taiji achievement are so numerous that for every one you reach another awaits discovery. Every internal martial arts system has this progression. Whatever style you study, or however many styles you study, you will find the same pattern of evolution in your practice. This is daunting for some, exhilarating for others, rewarding for everyone.

I’ve learned a lot about taiji over time. I have practiced for 13 years now. I’ve forgotten a lot, too. I have not practiced all of what I learned, so I forgot it. Early on, I forgot until I went home after class and practiced some more. I then was able to anchor my memory and really begin to learn.

I have taught taiji for half of that time. Form, basics, internal secrets as I know them; giving other learners with less experience ideas on how to practice moving energy, which for me is the ultimate activity of taiji. I would say that most of the people who have joined me to practice don’t go home and practice what was made available to them. I’m not sure they understand that home practice is key to fulfilling the very reasons why we look into taiji as a means of resolving some issue. Here is a photo of fellow practitioners who attended a seminar with Wang Ming Bo and Rose Oliver of Double Dragon Alliance and Shanti School of Taijiquan and Durango Tai Chi Instruction.

Tuina Class
Tuina Chinese Massage Seminar in Durango, Colorado USA

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