martial art therapy

In martial arts, overcoming one’s fears and ignorance is a major task that the practitioner undertakes. It’s therapy for those wishing to overcome obstacles within themselves and not so much overcoming an opponent in battle; although, it applies to both all the same. I would say that it is the one struggle each of us signs on for when we take the first step towards learning martial arts.


Tai Chi is like taking your shoes off after a long day

Taiji is satisfying, like taking our shoes off after a long day and letting your feet breathe and feel the soil of the Earth. A cool drink of water on a hot day after laboring in the sun. A glass of wine after work. Something for all walks of life. The sight of children playing in the field. The sound of music coming from the home across the way. And of water flowing through a pristine meadow. Taiji is all of these things and more. Taiji is a gift. You are fortunate if it crosses your path. But it is like a bird that flies in only one direction and never circles back to see who it was that ignored its passing.