A tai chi exercise

Taiji is movement in different directions: up/down, front/back, left/right, at its simplest expression. It is the concept of moving with attention to alignment, central equilibrium, or “zhong ding.” Please read my remarks about that further on.

The trick to learning taiji is to become familiar with moves, then comfortable, then refine them as you go along. It takes time to refine, but it’s fun and nothing worthwhile is always easy.

A simple exercise to begin is spinning on the spine. To do it, stand in wuchi—feet parallel, knees slightly bent, relaxed. Spin on the spine, tailbone stable while spine to top of head spins. Arms completely relaxed. Hip does the work. Pay attention to the hip turning. Fold in the crotch. Knees over top of foot, stable, so that the hip is forced to open and close. Step one foot forward and continue same movement while keeping your spine perpendicular to the ground.

It’s a lot easier to do this with someone like me know knows how in an in-person session, of course. Open the hip. Physically–lightly–separate the femur and socket from each other.

Taiji is performed on the physical plane as well as the energetic. Visualize opening from a point in the center of your body expanding in al directions into a sphere, then shrink back to a point. Just visualize it and let your body move if it wishes to.

Practice the 8 Pieces of Brocade.


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