Health obstacles, optimism and tai chi

I met a woman who is so obese she can’t stand. Her knee cartilage is gone and her joints are painfully inadequate for holding her up. She has diabetes and suffers from fatigue. She drives around in a small, three-wheeled cart like you see at supermarkets. I met her at an expo for women, “What a girl wants.” If this woman didn’t want weight loss to improve her health I wouldn’t know what else she could have been there for. We connected in a very authentic way, talking pragmatically about her condition. I don’t know if my products could help her but I wanted to believe they could. It felt to me that she wanted to believe they could. Yet her condition is so severe that it would surely take a very radical product or approach to get rid of enough fat from her body to give her back her life.

She courageously drove her cart among the crowd between the booths and displays, invisible to many of the beautiful, healthy people milling about. I thought if she can do that then she can set her health goal and achieve it. So I mailed her some info about my wellness products that I thought could help. I put a DVD of a video about one of the products that I have seen help so many sick people, including me.

I have no idea if she will or could use them or if they would work if she did and, as I said before, I like to think they would. If they did it would be a real success that I would love to tell people about. But what struck me deeply was the optimism that she seemed to have. Anyone who may help her will need to be optimistic to carry through whatever strategy she decides to pursue if she were to try at all. It will be a monumental endeavor, a true life and death struggle. We don’t think of things in our world in this way even though story after story is about someone overcoming a life-threatening event or illness.

It is exactly this way with tai chi, which literally played a major role in my ability to take my life and my body back from illness. Tai chi is a constant endeavor and quitting is not an option. It isn’t like you get rid of the problem and it stays away forever. You have to do something almost everyday to re-enliven your body, mind and spirit. Optimism is a naturally occurring characteristic in our human make up, but it is something you must cultivate to keep alive. Tai chi complements that endeavor.


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