Subtle insights to doing tai chi with mindful intention

Many intellectualize taiji rather than actually doing taiji. Nothing bad about that except it’s a different knowing than if they had acquired their knowledge by doing taiji. This is a challenge for the mind that wishes to be mindful. Whole body moves as a single unit is one of the first objectives of the practitioner. This is only the beginning step and much more awaits to be discovered. The fun thing is that with consistency different practitioners often arrive at the same understandings through separate paths. And sharing our findings in daily practice is rewarding. With the guidance of a good teacher you move more quickly along your path. But importantly…do taiji with your whole being.

Observe watch listen “ting jing” for where you are not moving everything must move imagine what that means visualize the next move where how how much when to start when to end when to transition into another direction to speed up or slow down to become large or to shrink to dissolve to consolidate to be there to not be there to laugh to be stern forceful and powerful.


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