Now, how many eight pieces of brocade are there?

Eight pieces of brocade (Ba Duan Jin) are a well-known and commonly taught set of qigong postures. They are very old and they contain many secrets. I don’t really know the historical approaches to doing them, teaching them, and what all the internal secrets are. I haven’t looked into it much. I assume there is a lot of knowledge being emitted from many masterful practitioners. One thing I’ve noticed is that different people describe different postures and call them the Eight Pieces, so it’s not exaclty clear what the original Eight Pieces are to me.

All I really feel strongly about is that if you perform each of the moves, whatever they may be, with as much serious attention to learning something from the move itself, even just a single posture can be extremely powerful. And if you perform it each time as perfectly complete as possible, then you are definitely going to get the fullest benefits. You will be filled , or injected, with so much energy that you won’t know what to do with it, how to direct it or how to even stand it. It’s on the edge of going out of control, it is so powerful.


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