How tai chi can positively affect heart rate

Did you know that your posture and body position effect your heart rate? Why would you care about this little piece of knowledge? Because your heart rate determines how much oxygen in your blood reaches the cells in your body. The cells are the locus of life where energy is created through biological processes. Blood circulation is key in regenerating cells, in maintaining cellular health, and producing energy in the body. If you feel fatigued more often than you think you should, take a look at your posture and body position in a mirror. A very simple way to tell you is to check if your ears are over your shoulders, your shoulders are over your hips and your hips are over your ankles. If any of these either too far forward or too far backwards, it will give you an idea of your posture.

How do you fix it? I do tai chi. It is one of the best ways of developing a powerful awareness of alignment in the body and in the brain. It would be difficult to find anything better than tai chi to do this. Tai chi is accessible to most people and can help alleviating the effects of many health conditions.


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