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Standing in Wuchi

Stand in wuchi: sincere and patient, but not neglectful. Stable and rooted, yet agile and poised. Stand in wuchi, the sky comes down to you, the earth rises up within you. Stand in wuchi in movement, the stillness is yin, the conscious center. Zhan Zhuang, or post standing, or Yiquan are similar. Even when you… Continue reading Standing in Wuchi


Tai chi and spine health

Tai chi and spine health: tai chi is a powerful way of activating the spine and flooding it with healing energy. Look at the backs of many martial artists and you will see youthful strength and vigor, even in men and women of advanced age in the their 70s and 80s. Average people in our… Continue reading Tai chi and spine health


Cultivating Sensitivity to Subtle Energies in Tai Chi Practice

Tai chi practice helps to cultivate sensitivity to subtle changes in the body and beyond. This has implications for overall health and wellbeing, because you should be more able to detect shifts in your physical conditions early and fend off illness before it is too late. You can catch a cold for example and stop… Continue reading Cultivating Sensitivity to Subtle Energies in Tai Chi Practice