Tai chi and spine health

Tai chi and spine health: tai chi is a powerful way of activating the spine and flooding it with healing energy. Look at the backs of many martial artists and you will see youthful strength and vigor, even in men and women of advanced age in the their 70s and 80s. Average people in our country spend a lot of time doing things other than developing a strong back. If we do, we think of it in terms of muscle strength. In Chinese internal martial arts, we focus on developing an energetic back, one in which the nervous system is activated through precise movements. Qi is stimulated and the body is refreshed. This is quite different from the westernize method of “working out.”

Additionally, focusing on the back and spine takes attention away from the stomach, which is what the average US person is tied to. We eat too much, we think that a six pack is cool, and we have bad backs. This tells you something is being missed if you ask me. Not that anyone is, but it’s been on my mind lately. I know have to watch I put in my body as much as what I do to it, or with it. I have to look at what not to do as much as what I am doing. I probably should practice tai chi more often and more regularly, but I’m doing better than not practicing at all. People who don’t exercise at all must surely be taking a toll on their longevity.

We sit too much. Doing tai chi helps get us up and work our skeleton and nervous system. Tai chi tells our bodies that we are not ready to just sit around waiting for old age to take its toll on us. Our bodies are capable of living 120 years quite easily, even longer, if we took care of them in ways that facilitate long life. Tai chi is a way to do that, along with intelligent nutrition, of course (see my website’s tai chi and nutrition page). Too often, our final years and days are put in the care of doctors and nurses (who provide a great service albeit with limitations) which often becomes a sad time of hospital bedcare and loss of dignity. We deserve much more than that kind of withering away. We deserve lives of vigor and longevity. Childhood is not just a phase of life that fades into “old age.” It is only the beginning of a long, vigorous time in this marvelous world.


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