Many suffer from fatigue that we don’t know where it comes from. We sleep 8 hours, we eat well, at least we seem to, yet we are tired mid-morning. Sluggish, depleted.

Sometimes, this is because we are not doing what we truly love to do. Not always, because other reasons exist, such as lack of proper nutrition. But doing what we love is always energizing.

When we resonate with what we are doing we are energized by it. Taiji is a useful tool to those of us who want to reconnect with their energetic selves. For some it is like an aid to reestablish that old familiar feeling of happiness and a good feeling of energy to spare.

Taiji is especially useful while we are making efforts to get back to what we love. Taiji …get in touch with your internal pulse. Unify your energies. Connect deeply with your own sense of identity, comfortable in your own skin. Relax into yourself. …natural doing.


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