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tai chi for the blind

Check this article out about some interesting applications of tai chi.

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Powerstretching In Chinese Martial Arts

Powerstretching is an often overlooked aspect of martial arts training. Many practitioners understand taiji as a tendon stretching exercise but they might not think of it as powerstretching. Tai chi is much more, of course. Energetic movement is a huge part of taiji that has informed my practice for a long time. It takes time… Continue reading Powerstretching In Chinese Martial Arts

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The thing you do that makes you good

Tai chi practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good. So practice.


Tai Chi and Senior Health

I have been reading a lot of different stuff on the Web and came across this article on how tai chi helps seniors to be a little more independent form their healthcare providers. Thought Dragon Jouranl readers would appreciate it. LEt me know if you like geetting stuff like this. Tai Chi and Exercise Keep… Continue reading Tai Chi and Senior Health


Aloe and Sea Veggies for Thyroid Health

Brief vid clip of Adani in Australia talking about iodine, thyroid health and my favorite whole food supplement that is practically a whole meal in 4 ounces. Click Here to view