In taiji, a mind once expanded enters new inner landscapes

Sunrise image

Once expanded, the mind will never be the same.

“A mind once expanded with knowledge
cannot return to its former way of thinking.”

I forget where this quote originated. Maybe Albert Einstein. But it applies to taiji. Expanding one’s perception is the core of taiji practice.

It’s not about “thinking” however, which is chatter to one’s self. If anything, taiji is about visualizing new possibilities in movement. This entails perceiving beyond habit and even though taiji is repetitive, its most creative progress comes from dissolving complacency and discovering something new with every repetition.

We are changing our minds and assumptions about an invisible future. Taiji teaches you to be in the present moment, to watch closely the changes in the most recondite corners of your being and to have control over what you do with your whole being: your physical, mental, energetic, spiritual.

You can never go back once you have truly entered new internal landscapes. You look forward to new discoveries with anticipation and joy.


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