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Six Power Stretching Steps

Guest Post by Shifu Susan A. Matthews, MS, ND Power stretching is part of basic training in the Lan Shou System, an internal style of fighting characterized by its side-power technique. Any practitioner of Chinese Internal Martial Arts who studies consistently for long enough will eventually learn some form of power stretching exercises. Power stretching… Continue reading Six Power Stretching Steps

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Tai Chi and High Blood Pressure

When you have HBP it is more difficult to get blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells, which of course is where life itself is regenerated. Without this process we don’t live. This is a simple statement, but it helps to be reminded, because many of us neglect the fact that the… Continue reading Tai Chi and High Blood Pressure

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Does the hole you’re in look too deep to get out of?

Does the hole you’re in look too deep to get out of? And so … you might as well stop trying to free yourself? Here’s a little piece of information that will surprise you. There is no hole and you only think you’re in one. Fact is, you’ve been tricked into thinking that you are.… Continue reading Does the hole you’re in look too deep to get out of?

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Who does tai chi?

The impressive resumes of the people who learn tai chi with me makes me grateful that they are part of the effort to bring such an effective exercise system into our community. Their presence in class makes teaching rewarding. Their efforts to learn something new when they are such accomplished experts in their own fields… Continue reading Who does tai chi?