Does the hole you’re in look too deep to get out of?

Does the hole you’re in look too deep to get out of? And so … you might as well stop trying to free yourself? Here’s a little piece of information that will surprise you. There is no hole and you only think you’re in one. Fact is, you’ve been tricked into thinking that you are. It’s not as bad as you think and you can do something about your predicament. Yes, your predicament is real enough. Maybe your health is compromised by being overweight, for example. But you can see a path to freedom. You’ve seen others overcome conditions and circumstances. There is plenty of proof of the probability of success. If we could strip away our pessimism what would the world look like? It would look bountiful, abundant, and some of the bounty is destined for you. If you allowed yourself to believe this, wouldn’t you feel better? If you just spoke these words aloud, what would it feel like? “The world is beautiful, bountiful and abundant, and some of it is destined for me.”

Reading Abundance—the Future is Better Than You Think—by Dr. Peter Diamandis (Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation) and Steven Kotler
Read Abundance


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