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Two Bodies Concept in Taiji

In taiji we are doing two things at a time. Maybe four. All require and active and present mental awareness. We are moving physical and energy and we are tracking both with the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Don't ask me which because I'm not neuroscientist. Susan Matthews could answer that question. All… Continue reading Two Bodies Concept in Taiji

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What is Qi?

For so long we have referred to "qi," without actually describing what qi is so that we all know what were are talking about. Lifeforce, energy and so on are words. Through experience we interpret them, but if you have no experience, defining qi becomes more elusive. Qi is change. Not like "spare change" as… Continue reading What is Qi?

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Things that a beginning tai chi student must remember

A (serious) beginning tai chi student must remember and practice a number of things. For example: dantian, zhong ding, spiraling, structure, energy, chi, harmony, opposing force, yin-yang, mind, and spirit. That's only the beginning. Work on refining these things continually and you will eventually experience the greatest rewards for practicing this ancient art. Many people… Continue reading Things that a beginning tai chi student must remember

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A View of Zhang Zhuang Standing

The secret to standing in zhang zhuang or yi quan is not in how still you can be, rather how you adapt and adjust subtle energies in the body so that you will be relaxed yet strong, calm yet alert. Trying not to move can create tension and defeat the purpose of standing. Start with… Continue reading A View of Zhang Zhuang Standing

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Integrating Free Muscle in Everyday Activities

free the muscles when wiping a wet glass off with a towel after washing it I found myself with tension, stiff neck, tense shoulders and all the associated muscles ... kind of frozen, no qi flowing through or very little. to catch this in the midst of it happening is an opportunity to let yourself… Continue reading Integrating Free Muscle in Everyday Activities

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The concept of “Two Bodies” in Tai Chi Practice

Ever since my teacher, George Xu, first talked about the concept of two bodies, I've wondered what he meant exactly. Intellectually I thought I knew what he was referring to. But, since little in taiji is as obvious as it first appears, I had to ponder it over time to understand more clearly. My "pondering"… Continue reading The concept of “Two Bodies” in Tai Chi Practice