About developing strong chi in the body

When Qi is strong and flowing freely in your body, you are healthy and full of energy. The teachers say that qi is yang energy. What is the corresponding yin energy to qi? Wouldn’t it be another form of qi? I perceive qi as a healing energy as opposed to a martial force. Yin qi creates the intention and affects the potential for yang qi. There is always something guiding qi from a center place of stillness and quietude.


The Tai Chi Quest and the nature of commitment

We want to try things out without really committing to them for the long term . . . . before we pay for them with money, time or energy. This dominates our decisionmaking processes. In tai chi, you commit to every move you make with great sincerity. In tai chi, commit to a single move, then the next, fully, completely, with good physical connection, energy flowing, and with spirit. Some people call this spirit, passion. Whatever name, energy flows through and out of you, like sunlight; within you, like an ocean wave; outside of you, like a particle glowing, radiant and alive, with which you connect and experience its motion, even moving objects and others.

In the tai chi quest, the practitioner has passion for the present moment. By being attentive on a single point and simply moving from there, the past and future drop away and the present comes alive. Life regenerates itself by the sheer intent. This kind of commitment is not so rare. When applied to tai chi it takes on a special character.