Tai chi and arthritis

This article (link below), another from a long line of reporters writing about tai chi and it’s benefits, reflects the lack of knowledge of many people about tai chi (taijiquan). It certainly can be good for arthritis. I know from my own experience. But I have to say they sort of make tai chi sound like one size fits all. There are all sorts of tai chi styles and methods of practice. Some more internal than others, of course. I have learned the Paul Lam’s watered-down version and even taught it briefly to fill in for a fellow practitioner while on vacation. He’s an MD who has popularized his packaged moves across the country, but anyone who has practice the internal martials arts knows this is just touching the surface at best.

I see tai chi as learning a language, which the practitioner in the article refers to. It is also like learning to play music, too.