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Tai chi and young people

More and more young people are looking into tai chi as multi-level exercise and martial art for mind, energy, and body practice. Merging these and more is tai chi's magic. No other exercise does all that tai chi does. It helps to heal injuries, maintain healthy systems functions, such as nervous and lymph systems and… Continue reading Tai chi and young people

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Research and tai chi benefits

The benefits of tai chi are numerous and have been known for a very long time, but Americans are really only recently learning about them. It takes time to find out about things even in these times of rapid-fire media. It takes time to to take hold and I'm finding out that people begin to… Continue reading Research and tai chi benefits

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In tai chi patience evolves into perseverance

Taiji is easy to learn for some of us. For others it is difficult and slow going. Everyone must be patient though. This need we all have in common. Won't learn without patience, without the info, without the teacher. Without one's self. We all also have perseverance in common. Patience evolves into perseverance. Remember why… Continue reading In tai chi patience evolves into perseverance

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Visualization for tai chi

Visualize moving from a specific locus on or in your body. Beginners are probably told to focus on the area just below the navel and inward a little. This is a basic practice. It focuses concentration on a point and helps to quiet the mind. ... Which is difficult for many to do at first.… Continue reading Visualization for tai chi

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Imagining Tai Chi

Tai chi is one of those things we encounter in living that is difficult to describe. You know it by doing it. I train learners by creating visualizations to aid them in seeing what taiji is and how to do it with their own particular bodies. Words only point the way. The actual state of… Continue reading Imagining Tai Chi