Qigong, Tai chi

Tai chi and young people

Asian girls practicing tai chi in the outdoor parkMore and more young people are looking into tai chi as multi-level exercise and martial art for mind, energy, and body practice. Merging these and more is tai chi’s magic. No other exercise does all that tai chi does. It helps to heal injuries, maintain healthy systems functions, such as nervous and lymph systems and blood circulation. It helps to detoxify and cleanse. It trains memorization skills, too; like a crossword puzzle for the whole body, not just the brain. Neuroscientists talk about “neuroplasticity” to refer to the brain’s ability to disrupt our tendency towards inertia. It is a bio-mechanical stretching method that can improve elasticity of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Tai chi and qigong are preventative, a great benefit to younger practitioners in our current era. I’m convinced tai chi and qigong can reduce healthcare costs when the aging factor begins to kick in (which is younger than we think!). Live longer, live better. Enhance daily living with a daily practice. It will change your life.



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