Tai chi

Mind-Body Connections: Our bodies have a mind of their own

I recently wrote about how we learn to walk incorrectly as infants and that we usually have to relearn, in a way, to walk when we learn taijiquan. I found an interesting article along those lines about research that shows that our bodies have a mind of their own and the body has much more to do with how the brain processes information than we might be aware of.

“Your body’s posture and expressions are not just reflections of your mind — they can influence your mood. Stand tall to help give yourself confidence and to send a signal to those around you that you have brought your “A” game to the table,” is a wuoate that caught my attention. Sounds like tai chi to me.

Read the Science Daily article here and about Prof. Sian Beilock, who wrote the new book How the Body Knows Its Mind.


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