My tai chi training trip

Four become exercise-4Four become exercise-5

After being in snow-bound retreat most of the winter, I left for a tai chi training trip Feb. 24. By the time I return to Durango around April 6, I will have visited four cities and practiced with several practitioners in six weeks. Many Wu style artists (see Wu style video here). I had a particularly good time with Master Yan Yuan Hua in Los Angeles and Master Xu Guo Ming (George Xu), my second-oldest teacher, with whom I stayed in San Francisco, and explored his theories with him.

Dead arm exercises-4Dead arm exercises-3

I had a fun and productive time with other practitioners with during my six weeks of travel. Much of my experience, particularly the testing we did, affirmed for me that my practice path is going in the right direction.

Yan Yuan Hua in foreground

Of course, I had to explore beaches and deserts along the way. Not home yet, still a week in SF and then Pahrump, NV near Las Vegas.




Here is a minute-long clip of some single basic training moves Master George uses to help learners build awareness of the taiji principles he teaches (unlisted clip available for limited time only).

Click Here


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