Tai Chi is More than Form

Taijiquan is much more than doing the form. Form is the culmination of several practices. It's the frame into which you unite them into a collective activity—breath, central equilibrium, gravity, connected movement on the outside, flowing on the inside, intention guiding it all. So if you learn a breathing technique, for example, then be sure… Continue reading Tai Chi is More than Form

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Tai Chi as sitting meditation

Tai chi is often thought of as a moving meditation performed standing and walking, but you can do it sitting, too. By meditation, I mean focusing attention on a specific point and/or activity with single-minded concentration. You'll be "active" in either case as a result of your brain's "mental activity." This is a form of… Continue reading Tai Chi as sitting meditation


A Few Tips for Learning and Practicing Tai Chi

Think of learning tai chi as a way of using your senses developed over a lifetime. Think of tai chi as a way to learn new things. For now, focus on remembering one thing that stands out. Bring it home and practice it. Then come to class to try it out on me or a… Continue reading A Few Tips for Learning and Practicing Tai Chi


Tai chi and awareness

Tai chi is a way to open up your awareness to these things that made up the whole being. We are complex and tai chi is a way of navigating the complexity. It frames out an approach to learning. Built into the movements themselves are signs for how to learn them. That has to do… Continue reading Tai chi and awareness


Tai Chi blog is a philosophical trek

You could call what I'm attempting to navigate in my Dragon Journal blog a philosophical trek into the fascinating world of tai chi. Through personal insights into my particular experience learning, doing, questioning the art of tai chi and qigong movement. It's about an exercise in language, as well as an exercise in practice. I… Continue reading Tai Chi blog is a philosophical trek

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Tai Chi philosophical trekking

Navigating a philosophical trek into the fascinating world of tai chi.

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What is Your Opponent?

Tai chi has always been a "martial art," but we're learning that it's much more. Most practitioners in the US routinely do tai chi as an exercise. Many probably don't realize that you can apply martial intention in the exercise of tai chi. When practicing tai chi as a martial art you focus on the… Continue reading What is Your Opponent?