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External movement is a sign of internal tai chi

In tai chi practice, we look to the external to show signs of what the internal is doing. The external is an outward expression of the internal. Don’t let that distract you and think that the external is all there is. It is only a tell-tale sign of the source of its movement. If the root of the movement is shallow, then the external expression will be weak and without depth. It will be awkward and hesitant. If the root is deep, then the outward expression will have breadth and depth, grace and eloquence. It will be powerful because of these things, as well, and the whole body—the sum of its parts—will be active and energized


2 thoughts on “External movement is a sign of internal tai chi”

  1. Thanks for your comment, Arthur. That’s the idea. Yi creates intention, Qi flows outward from the Dantian point and the physical wants to move. The movement acquires a “shape” that moves in a three-dimensional expanding and shrinking, constantly changing and in motion. Ready, agile, changeable. It actually extends beyond the body if you want. Master George Xu definitely recommends this practice.


  2. Nicely put. One of my teachers talks about a 3D projector in the Dantien which is the source of movement projected to the whole body. So the Dantien moves, the limbs are moved. does this fit what you are saying?.

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