Ling Cong Shen Shi Men of Master Xu

Ling Cong Shen Shi Men of Master Xu

Master George Xu told me that he has developed a system of taijiquan that he described in the following ways: light and agile, empty and indirect, spiritual potential system. This is distinct from theories that he has elucidated over the years. The system, or “men,” contains at least six degrees of understanding which direct the content of his teaching session. He has simplified, even returned to some basic skills, in his approach; but often with more profound meanings. The six states he discusses are:

  • Feet must attack straight out to opponent.
  • Touch arm touch ground. Body is like conduit through which energy is transmitted to the ground. How to do this? “What you think is what is.” I interpret this to mean that just thinking is not enough to successfully achieve this ability. It is more physical effort that you may think.
  • Zhong ding. Shrink and expand. Zhong Ding attacks enemy. Don’t stay on your self. Master Xu shows exercises to develop this skill.
  • Dan tian is the most difficult. It must come out first, space to space. Master Xu suggested standing in front of a tree and “play the feeling.”
  • Ling Cong is light, empty; but also “moves above, floating.”
  • Centrifugal refers to “Shi” (“Si”), which translates as “potential,” but is much more. It is action, too. This is the most phenomenal talent of Master Xu’s that contains great power and intention.

Other more technical directions include include things like, “outer leg muscles carry energy from feet.”

Work on making “dead arms” more than building stability with feet and legs until you get it. “Dead arms, dead body.”

In the workshop setting, Master Xu discusses these things and leads the group in single basic drills designed to help cultivate awareness of these components of his system and build the skills to effectively practice them at will in whatever you do.

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