Tai Chi and Concentration

Every person comes to tai chi with conditions, circumstances, and issues unique to them; but most of us share one issue in common—the ability, or inability, to concentrate singlemindedly on a specific point, or task, in the body. Sustained attention is not easy, especially when dealing with unfamiliar information. This relates to the subject of mindfulness and being present-in-the-moment with what we are doing right now.

For me, the value of tai chi is not so much learning tai chi itself; rather, it’s to learn the principles of movement that you can apply to any movement in daily living: walking, running, bending down and back up, sitting, standing, and so on. Make tai chi a practical skill, not a rarefied esoteric practice that operates only in the abstract. Apply its principles and techniques to movement while you’re doing other things.

Our bodies are the basis of our existence and what we are capable, or not capable of, doing by virtue of our strength, flexibility, and endurance. The brain also needs exercise to strengthen its capabilities and everyone can benefit greatly by concentrating on a point or task with singular attention. It’s a place to begin.

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