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Audio, The Goal of Tai Chi

Here is an audio clip of me describing the goal of tai chi from my perspective. Comments are welcome on the usefulness of audio clips on this blog. Thanks for listening.

How to do tai chi, tai chi, tai chi school news

The Tai Chi There and the Now

Tai chi learning is an incremental process that can’t be rushed. Of course, it helps to practice consistently with mindful attempts to recall what you were exposed to in class. Even though promoters often say tai chi is simple and easy, most beginners don't practice at home between classes. If I could offer you a… Continue reading The Tai Chi There and the Now

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Why do Tai Chi and Qigong?

Beyond the immediate physical benefits that you can experience in just one or two one-hour practices, you can find all sorts of reasons for doing tai chi and qigong, probably one for every person who practices regularly. If you do both tai chi and qigong regularly you'll find out, if you haven't already, that they… Continue reading Why do Tai Chi and Qigong?

How to do tai chi, philosophy of tai chi, tai chi, tai chi school news

Beginning tai chi and trusting

When I started tai chi I didn't know what to expect, but I was rather desperate. I had been ill for a long time and I was willing to try anything. It just so happened that a colleague at work invited me to join him in his tai chi class. So I did, and that… Continue reading Beginning tai chi and trusting

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A goal in tai chi

There is a progression to tai chi. First is to relax places where we’re tight (often painful, too). Often it can be described as “clenching.” For most of us that is true. The next step in the progression is to move. Move around and through the tight places with a mindful intention to dissolve the… Continue reading A goal in tai chi

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One-minute or less tai chi exercise tips

We think we have to separate tai chi practice from our jobs and other daily requirements. We see it as a time thing. We either have time for tai chi or we don't. We have to work. No doubt about that. Tai chi is extracurricular, not necessary. This is difficult to accept as a teacher… Continue reading One-minute or less tai chi exercise tips

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Shoes for tai chi

What to wear when you do tai chi is a common question for (and from) beginners. Loose, comfortable clothing is typical. Shoes are perhaps more important for tai chi and martial art attire. Flat, low volume shoes are the best. I prefer something I can wear in practice and on the street, but it’s not… Continue reading Shoes for tai chi