A quick tai chi lesson

Stand in wuqi, feet parallel, ears over shoulder over over hips over ankles. Hands at side, palms facing backwards. Lift the arms from below by expanding from the dantian in all directions. This is a visualization exercise, not a muscle tensing and pulling exercise. Your body should flow and settle into the movement visualized by the mind. Bring the arms into a circle shape in front of you …hold the ball, or hold the tree, it is called. Shoulder’s down, relaxed, sitting on hips or floating on dantian like a boat on the ocean. Place attention on the very center point of your body. Visualize the point expanding into a sphere; in all directions at once. Expand outward as much as you like, then shrink the sphere back to the point in the center. Do this as often as you like. Get back to me to tell me about your experience.


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