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Have you discovered your chi yet?

ma yueh liang

The great Wu Style Taijiquan Master Ma Yueh Liang said it took him 10 years to “discover” qi and the rest of his life to learn what to do with it (Bill Moyers, “The Mystery of Chi,” 1993). We’re all involved in a similar progression of discovery and discerning activities that bring qi into our daily routine.

The real change from a tai chi perspective is in the mind. We think it’s the body because that’s where the problem shows. The pain in there so we think the cause is there.

We have to shift something in our perception in order for the body to make the necessary changes it needs to heal and strengthen.

I suspect that we “discover” qi because it announces itself by virtue of dislodging and flowing, which in turn results from practicing tai chi movement.

You can view many video clips of Master Ma on youtube. I have one of him from many years ago on my website.


5 thoughts on “Have you discovered your chi yet?”

  1. Tai chi brings such a revolutionary and liberating perspective. I love this video clip. So interesting to see someone who does not look as one would imagine a martial arts master to look. And so full of vitality in his old age. But understanding like this takes a long long time and perseverance in practice.

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    1. I think the same thing. Others of my teachers are similar in “shape”. I do believe you can hook into understanding rather suddenly, then it’s a matter of remembering and practicing. Everyone is unique and our path takes on the features of our unique qualities. I think his nephew, Eddie, teaches in Toronto or Ottawa.

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      1. Really? If in Ottawa, that could be interesting! (Since it’s where I live. Toronto is about 5 hours away by car…) The style I am studying now is Yang style. Do people ever practice both?

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        1. It’s Toronto I believe or used to be. I practice both plus others. Short versions of the forms with a heavy dose of basic training. Works for me. I learned the Wu 37, Yang Panhou, Cheng Manqing, Lan Shou, and Chen!


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