Tai chi is … finding your own inner silence

Tai chi is a practice at getting in touch with your own silence. Your inner place of peace where you’re surrounded by sound-proof walls and the external world is held at bay.

I was reminded by this when I discovered this article at Thrive Global: “The One Thing Your Brain Needs to Think Clearly.”

You must shut off something within yourself to go there. When you do, pressures of the daily world lose significance at least for a while. You can focus more on your interests.

Of course, there are many other ways to cozy up to inner silence, such as sitting in meditation and mindful breathing. I just happen to like tai chi a whole lot.

2 thoughts on “Tai chi is … finding your own inner silence”

  1. I happen to like Tai Chi a whole lot, too 😉

    And I think that Tai Chi is a great entryway for all the people who think that “just meditation” in the form of sitting is not suitable or too far different for them.

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    1. Yes. Qigong is probably even easier as an entry into meditation. Moving Qi in tai chi makes as much sense to me as in qigong. They are perfect complements to each other. I think we have them now due greatly to the fact that sitting meditation practices were neglecting the whole being–body, mind, and energy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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