Article: The positive lexicography project

This is about emotion words for which no English equivalent exists.

I like this quote from Dr. Lomas who has been researching these cool words and has built a “dictionary” of 1,000 words from all around the world and from diverse cultures. …especcially the final sentence, which reminds me of tai chi learning.

“In our stream of consciousness – that wash of different sensations feelings and emotions – there’s so much to process that a lot passes us by,” Lomas says. “The feelings we have learned to recognise and label are the ones we notice – but there’s a lot more that we may not be aware of. And so I think if we are given these new words, they can help us articulate whole areas of experience we’ve only dimly noticed.”

Dr. Lomas’s website

2 thoughts on “Article: The positive lexicography project”

    1. Sometimes I tell myself to make a Besa to pay more attention to the Alcheringa and I do, but sometimes I find that Dadirra, which I thought I was doing, has turned to Dwaal. So I turn to Qanglaagix for guidance, but then again I’ll fall for that Tizita that has been nagging me for so long. And I realize that I’ve really been looking for Baraka and feeling a need for Asabiyyah. Thankfully, I have good Dunya and I’m sure Fitra, too. And even though I feel Bei xi jiao ji, I also know that everything becomes Salam in the end.


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