Tai chi and staying alive

For so many of those among us, living is defined by a struggle to stay alive. Things such as illness that we never asked for, or consequences of actions (our own or those of others) that jeopardize our health. Drugs, guns, food, fast cars, whatever. Furthermore, as we age, it seems that’s the definition of life: staying alive.

I began tai chi for the purpose of staying alive. I continue practice for the same reason. It gives me a tool to help get back on track. It’s not a cure all, but it helps when we add to it an effort to figure things out. By figuring out how to do tai chi we are learning how we might figure out how we got where we are in life. And how to break free of the cognitive constraints that hold us back from healing wounds obtained in the process of living.

The process is one in which you travel into deeper realms of awareness of the self, by the very process of intending to be more aware. To use the senses to wake up to what is around you, so to speak. To see more of what your physical is made up of, and the way your energetic structure works, and the presence of the more ethereal realm of the mind and spirit, for which words fail to provide a material nature.

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