Life between tai chi practices

Life is something you do between tai chi practices. You might agree. In the very least, tai chi offers a chance to take a break from the usual tracking of daily affairs and distractions that fill our days. In some ways, we find solace in those distractions, whatever they might be, but sometimes we don’t. At such times, it may feel better to do tai chi.

It matters little what the issue might be—jobs, recreation, even an illness or injury in the body’s structure, or organs. Maybe heart and mind. It could be chronic or it could be acute. It could be something you ate or it could be an injury from 30 years ago. If you lapse, for whatever reason, you feel the lack in just a couple of days. That feeling of “I just don’t feel like it today,” loses its punch when you have reached a threshold of body memory, saturated by tai chi practice. I don’t know, maybe tai chi is living and life is something you do, too.