Welcome to Durango Tai Chi and the Dragon Journal Tai Chi.

The Journal is a discussion about what taiji is, how to do it and why. If you find a post useful for your own practice, please share your thoughts. I began writing some years ago to contribute as a member of the taiji community, in addition to teaching beginners. Even after 20 years, I am still a beginner in so many ways—still working to grasp the essence of taijiquan through my practice. Each time I stand in Wuji marks a new beginning. Like each dawn starts a new day, or taking the first step of a journey, each practice takes you a little farther down the path—one that never really ends.

As founder and instructor of Durango Tai Chi, I have led practices regularly in Durango, Colorado and elsewhere since 2005. I have paused regular classes for the time being as I explore new possibilities. As a visiting instructor, I freely share unique perspectives and practices of tai chi and qigong in accordance with the teachings of Xu Guo Ming (George), Susan A. Matthews and several other masters.

Please Note: Durango Tai Chi pages are forwarded to the Journal pages to stem the flow of spam. Comments and follow links have been discontinued, as well. Your continued interest is greatly valued.