This weblog has been an outlet for me to share a few thoughts that come to me through the practice of tai chi and qigong and the subject of health. More specifically, how to be aware of and measure health as one goes through life. I try to write posts that reflect on the value of practice and building knowledge in ways that help me build on my knowledge while hopefully helping others learn, or at least gain a few new insights into their own practice. I try to veer away from self-reflection, or self-absorption. I want to forget the self and listen to the whole in hopes of transforming and transcending.

During the past six years of blogging, the topics of what is tai chi, how to do it and why do tai chi have increasingly become the core of my posts. If what you read interests you and you find value for your own life, I invite you to comment and share some of your experiences with your health as it relates to your practice.

Paul Tim Richard, Instructor


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello tim thank you for reading my blog on rising hands qigong. I also like your own blogs on Taijiquan, please keep up the good work educating people about the Chinese internal arts. Keith Ewers LFIAA


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