This web log complements Durango Tai Chi Instruction founded by Paul Tim Richard. Tai chi offers meditative movement that integrates mind, energy and body for health and well-being.

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Reviews of Durango Tai Chi

“I’m absolutely loving the sessions with you. I LOVE the outside park time. Especially in the mornings. It helps me recharge so much.”

“I  have taken several tai chi classes and I enjoyed yours the most. I immediately felt included and working with people what have been doing tai chi made it even more powerful for me. I could also feel the energy and could see I have loads to learn. So, even though I’m a complete beginner, I got a lot out of class.”

“I think every time you start with new people you get better and better. I like the way you customize the class for who is participating. You use the knowledge you have and specialize it every time. Wow!”

“I like that you explained a little bit about Tai Chi and gave a bit of background.”

“You have a gift for teaching.”