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Just what I thought, everything is energy

One of the things you're going to hear and hopefully see for yourself by practicing taiji and qigong is that consistent efforts bridge the body's physical structure with our energetic essence. I found a very interesting and well-written article about that from the perspective of quantum physics. Science confirms much of what the old Chinese… Continue reading Just what I thought, everything is energy


Qigong is like massage

Qigong is like Massage on the inside of the body. The effect of movement is from the inside out. The organs, ligaments, tendons, all the connective tissue. The fascia. The lymph nodes and channels, the meridians, even the bone marrow, all benefit from movement on the inside. When you are doing Qigong and Taiji keep… Continue reading Qigong is like massage

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Tai chi and young people

More and more young people are looking into tai chi as multi-level exercise and martial art for mind, energy, and body practice. Merging these and more is tai chi's magic. No other exercise does all that tai chi does. It helps to heal injuries, maintain healthy systems functions, such as nervous and lymph systems and… Continue reading Tai chi and young people

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Research and tai chi benefits

The benefits of tai chi are numerous and have been known for a very long time, but Americans are really only recently learning about them. It takes time to find out about things even in these times of rapid-fire media. It takes time to to take hold and I'm finding out that people begin to… Continue reading Research and tai chi benefits

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A view of the mindful movement of tai chi

For many practitioners tai chi is the ultimate meditative movement, because it involves all levels of our total being. You immerse your whole being completely in the moment, and in return it feeds back regenerative power.

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Tai Chi and High Blood Pressure

When you have HBP it is more difficult to get blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells, which of course is where life itself is regenerated. Without this process we don’t live. This is a simple statement, but it helps to be reminded, because many of us neglect the fact that the… Continue reading Tai Chi and High Blood Pressure

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Standing in Wuchi

Stand in wuchi: sincere and patient, but not neglectful. Stable and rooted, yet agile and poised. Stand in wuchi, the sky comes down to you, the earth rises up within you. Stand in wuchi in movement, the stillness is yin, the conscious center. Zhan Zhuang, or post standing, or Yiquan are similar. Even when you… Continue reading Standing in Wuchi