Tai chi

What is Qi?

For so long we have referred to "qi," without actually describing what qi is so that we all know what were are talking about. Lifeforce, energy and so on are words. Through experience we interpret them, but if you have no experience, defining qi becomes more elusive. Qi is change. Not like "spare change" as… Continue reading What is Qi?

Tai chi

Six Power Stretching Steps

Guest Post by Shifu Susan A. Matthews, MS, ND Power stretching is part of basic training in the Lan Shou System, an internal style of fighting characterized by its side-power technique. Any practitioner of Chinese Internal Martial Arts who studies consistently for long enough will eventually learn some form of power stretching exercises. Power stretching… Continue reading Six Power Stretching Steps

Tai chi

martial art therapy

In martial arts, overcoming one’s fears and ignorance is a major task that the practitioner undertakes. It's therapy for those wishing to overcome obstacles within themselves and not so much overcoming an opponent in battle; although, it applies to both all the same. I would say that it is the one struggle each of us… Continue reading martial art therapy