Research show how the brain encodes memory sequentially

brain scan color

Recently reported research findings suggest to me that learning tai chi relates to how neurons are “fired up” when working to recall what researchers refer to as “multiple events” and the sequence in which they are remembered. In my view, learning tai chi and qigong sets are like recalling moves (or “events”) in a particular order. Maybe this offers a little insight into the how your brain works and how you learn tai chi and qigong sequences.

“We’ve known for some time that neurons increase their activity when we encode memories. What our study shows is there’s a rhythm to how they fire in relation to one another — much like different instruments in a symphony orchestra,” says the lead researcher in a study done at New York University.

This relates to the rhythm that practice in tai chi and qigong. Rhythm and repetition enhance memory, correlating with brain neuronal activity. Fascinating stuff. I thought tai chi practitioners might enjoy reading this article. It’s brief and has references.