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Tai chi and “quiet mind”

People perceive quiet for being still, but this is not the only way to understand "quiet." Trying to hold still creates "quiet-but-not-moving," which is only one kind of quiet. It can lead to tension and clenching, pain, poor balance, especially in beginners. That kind of tension can't be held long. "Quiet-in-movement" offers an alternative worth… Continue reading Tai chi and “quiet mind”

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A tai chi tip: Doing tai chi anywhere, anytime

Tai chi doesn’t have to be something you schedule to do. With a little knowledge you can practice a simple technique anywhere, anytime. Here’s one idea. Standing in Wuji . . . . or Being Like a Mountain One way to begin tai chi is simply by standing. For example, Wuji is the first posture… Continue reading A tai chi tip: Doing tai chi anywhere, anytime