Tai Chi can help address pain and “clenching.” But how? Here’s one thought for practice.

I sometimes see pain as a sign of the body or brain talking to you, trying to get your attention, telling you to listen. If you have a painful joint or muscle, it might hurt because it’s doing more than its share of the body's workload. It’s doing the work of other joints or muscles.…

Article Forward: Tai Chi’s “Molecular Signature”

Question: What "reverses the effect that stress or anxiety ... have on the body by changing how our genes are expressed?" You guessed it! What potentially could be a landmark finding probably won't surprise some tai chi practitioners (yoga and meditation, too). It's good to know that researchers is paying attention. Dear tai chi practitioners,…

Article: Tai Chi helps with depression

"Tai chi significantly reduces depression symptoms in Chinese-Americans" Published May 25, 2017 The tai chi intervention involved twice weekly sessions for 12 weeks, in which participants were taught and practiced basic traditional tai chi movements. They were asked to practice at home three times a week and to document their practice. I've always believed that…

Article Forwarded: Tai chi, the Ultimate Exercise?

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Article Forward: Trying Tai Chi for the First Time

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