A tai chi learning progression

Learning the simplest things in tai chi can be a challenge, not because they are difficult; but, because we're unfamiliar with them at first. Tai chi is like that. Life is like that. For example, sometimes new learners grasp the details of simple cloud hands with great effort. Or remembering to maintain a proper stance… Continue reading A tai chi learning progression

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Taiji and Suzuki Roshi’s Zen Mind

I do tai chi as a way to not do other things that disrupt and cause stress. Practice is a meditation through which I may understand the nature of this moving meditation. When I began taiji, I had not yet explored sitting meditation; nor even moving meditation. I viewed taiji as an exercise that I… Continue reading Taiji and Suzuki Roshi’s Zen Mind

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A tai chi tip: Doing tai chi anywhere, anytime

Tai chi doesn’t have to be something you schedule to do. With a little knowledge you can practice a simple technique anywhere, anytime. Here’s one idea. Standing in Wuji . . . . or Being Like a Mountain One way to begin tai chi is simply by standing. For example, Wuji is the first posture… Continue reading A tai chi tip: Doing tai chi anywhere, anytime

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12 Key Exercises for Brain Health

How to use movement to activate the brain. Once you activate the brain "it likes it!" there are five ways to activate the brain. Shifu Matthews talks about this and more in this brief video clip from her youtbue channel.

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Six common mistakes tai chi practitioners make

One…they don’t learn to connect single basics to form. Teachers say that before you do form you should learn and practice the basic moves. This is key for internalizing the principles of taiji. I practice standing and walking drills which are repetitive and rhythmic. This is better for many, because many try to memorize the… Continue reading Six common mistakes tai chi practitioners make

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A Tai Chi Visit on a Tai Chi Journey

Martial arts is a pleasurable obsession for many who choose fighting arts for a lifelong pursuit. It’s easy to see how they would. Every choice to practice is potentially life-altering. You can study and practice for lifetimes and reap unending rewards for your effort. Even if you seek moderate forms of relaxation and exercise, such… Continue reading A Tai Chi Visit on a Tai Chi Journey

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What is Qi?

For so long we have referred to "qi," without actually describing what qi is so that we all know what were are talking about. Lifeforce, energy and so on are words. Through experience we interpret them, but if you have no experience, defining qi becomes more elusive. Qi is change. Not like "spare change" as… Continue reading What is Qi?