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Perspectives on Tai Chi and Qigong
Master George Xu and student PT Richard.

Dragon Journal posts stem from personal perspectives developed out of learning from my teachers, Masters George Xu (Guo Ming) and Susan A. Matthews, as well as several other masters of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Lanshoumen introduced to me by Master Xu since 1999. The hope is that knowledge of tai chi is captured and preserved for future generations of not only martial artists, but all people across the world. Posts were initially written for beginner and intermediate students of Durango Tai Chi Instruction.

I like writing about tai chi from the perspective of my own experience. I suppose the writing doesn’t help anyone very much, nor advance their practice and understanding. I enjoy writing anyway. I explore a variety of ideas and no single topical thread seems to dominate. Maybe we write and read merely as an exercise to share enjoyment of the subject of tai chi and qigong. Not for profit, just for sharing.

Practicing Tai Chi: Ways to Enrich Learning for Beginner and Intermediate Practitioners by Paul T. Richard.