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Power Stretching Step One: Connect and Root

To cultivate connectedness in tai chi and build a strong, yet flexible root, and develop whole-body movement, sooner or later you’re going to discover power stretching. The following is from guest blogger Susan A. Matthews. It is part of her developing manuscript, Spiral Training. On her website, she generously offers the kind of information that more-seasoned… Continue reading Power Stretching Step One: Connect and Root

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Powerstretching In Chinese Martial Arts

Powerstretching is an often overlooked aspect of martial arts training. Many practitioners understand taiji as a tendon stretching exercise but they might not think of it as powerstretching. Tai chi is much more, of course. Energetic movement is a huge part of taiji that has informed my practice for a long time. It takes time… Continue reading Powerstretching In Chinese Martial Arts