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About loosening in tai chi

I don't really know about what other tai chi teachers do, but I show learners loosening exercises that they can do to achieve a number of results. One result is to improve concentration on repetitive, rhythmic motion for building skill in biomechanical efficiency, balance and even power. Usually, I encompass these kinds of exercises in… Continue reading About loosening in tai chi

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Another tai chi is…

The brain must change how it perceives movement in the the body, and the body needs to move in more beneficial ways. You need to move differently or not move at all in ways that have caused pain, whether from injury or chronic misuse. Weakness and wearing down from lack of use also causes these… Continue reading Another tai chi is…

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Tai Chi is . . . .

In case you were wondering ... "Learning tai chi is a process of continual growth in skill and knowledge. It is a matter of sharpening our powers of observation and cultivating greater awareness of the manner in which we move. It also creates opportunities to cultivate insight into one’s self." PTR

philosophy of tai chi

Tai chi and staying alive

For so many of those among us, living is defined by a struggle to stay alive. Things such as illness that we never asked for, or consequences of actions (our own or those of others) that jeopardize our health. Drugs, guns, food, fast cars, whatever. Furthermore, as we age, it seems that’s the definition of… Continue reading Tai chi and staying alive

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Good at tai chi? How about life itself?

Being good at what you do for a living, or even the best, doesn’t make you good at everything else in life. Too Bad. Would be nice if it did.

philosophy of tai chi

New book offers novices and beyond activities, concepts for practicing tai chi

I've been immersed in writing a book for a few months this spring, which explains my lack of posting. It's published now and I hope to renew my blogging. "At its core tai chi is a practice, a routine activity that you engage in, in order to improve and maintain specific kinds of movement for… Continue reading New book offers novices and beyond activities, concepts for practicing tai chi

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Adapt to change with tai chi

Tai chi is a tool for adapting to changing conditions. Change prevails wherever you look. The weather changes. The wind blows, doesn't blow, blows hard, then is a breeze. The temperature is hot, cool, cold. It's raining or it's dry. Grass is green and moist, or brown and maybe tinder dry. A tree never stops… Continue reading Adapt to change with tai chi