Tai Chi, qi circles and digestion

taiji tuQi Circles and modified kagles that I learned years ago from Susan Matthews and Master Wang Hao Da didn’t do much for me at first. Susan stressed them so vehemently that I had to make myself do them even though I didn’t see the value at first. Gradually over time my body showed some positive response to them. Once I actually practiced them it didn’t take so long to see the value. Now I teach them to others.

Funny thing about qi circles, most people don’t see their value when first introduce to them. These days I vary how I teach them. I often don’t even talk about them specifically as a set of practices. I incorporate them in other movement practices, such as Chen Style form. The importance of shapes and directions in tai chi and qigong are profound, and a matter of fact with seasoned practitioners. It’s different with beginners, who in the absence of clarity, doubt. Understandable … many of us start with doubt, because it was doubt that developed before we tried one more thing in attempts to solve whatever concern we had.

Qi circles are useful for a number of things. For example, they can help to develop a stronger, more responsive digestive system. They can enliven the metabolism and reduce, even eliminate, constipation. Nutrition and digestion are interests for me, because stress seems to hit me right in the gut as I’m sure it does for many people.

I also try to eat stuff that is easy to digest if I can ever figure out what that all is for my particular body. I suspect it’s different for everyone, though there are commonalities. I believe that more easily digested food could be more nutritious because nutrients are more bioavailableĀ  and metabolize more effectively. Food we had no trouble processing when our bodies were young and operating optimally may not be the best for older folks.

(https://www.youtube.com/embed/fnvtp1LfCUA“>watch a youtube clip of Susan demonstrating qi circles)