Yin-Yang Learning

taiji tu

The taiji symbol of yin-yang, light becomes dark and darkness becomes light. Taiji movement expresses these relationships.


A tai chi learning progression

Learning the simplest things in tai chi can be a challenge, not because they are difficult; but, because we're unfamiliar with them at first. Tai chi is like that. Life is like that. For example, sometimes new learners grasp the details of simple cloud hands with great effort. Or remembering to maintain a proper stance… Continue reading A tai chi learning progression

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Integrating tai chi in daily activities

We think we have to separate tai chi practice from our jobs and other daily requirements. We see it as a time thing. We either have time for tai chi or we don't. We have to work. No doubt about that. Tai chi is extracurricular, not necessary. This is difficult to accept as a teacher… Continue reading Integrating tai chi in daily activities

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Look for the internal movement

In tai chi practice, we look to the external to show signs of what the internal is doing. The external is an outward expression of the internal. Don't let that distract you and think that the external is all there is. It is only a tell-tale sign of the source of its movement. If the… Continue reading Look for the internal movement


Tai Chi is More than Form

Taijiquan is much more than doing the form. Form is the culmination of several practices. It's the frame into which you unite them into a collective activity—breath, central equilibrium, gravity, connected movement on the outside, flowing on the inside, intention guiding it all. So if you learn a breathing technique, for example, then be sure… Continue reading Tai Chi is More than Form


A Few Tips for Learning and Practicing Tai Chi

Think of learning tai chi as a way of using your senses developed over a lifetime. Think of tai chi as a way to learn new things. For now, focus on remembering one thing that stands out. Bring it home and practice it. Then come to class to try it out on me or a… Continue reading A Few Tips for Learning and Practicing Tai Chi


Tai chi and awareness

Tai chi is a way to open up your awareness to these things that made up the whole being. We are complex and tai chi is a way of navigating the complexity. It frames out an approach to learning. Built into the movements themselves are signs for how to learn them. That has to do… Continue reading Tai chi and awareness